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Overview on Kolej Profesional Mara Seri Iskandar's Facilities

Academic Building
This 3-storey building consists of 30 classes, 2 lecture halls and 4 computer labs.
Class view 1
A view in a class (Front side). For the time being, each class is equipped with an OHP projector, a whiteboard and a sufficient number of flipchairs.
Class view 2
A view in a class (Rear side)
Main & Lecture Hall
These facilities are often used in official ceremony and also examinations.
Lecture Hall
A view inside a lecture hall. This air-conditioned lecture hall can accommodates 160 person at one time.
Administration Building
Locates Administration & lecturer's office and a library.
Administration Building (front) Cafeteria
The place where students and staff can have their meals. There are 6 food outlets operate here, not to forget a co-op store and the cybercafe.
Library & Administration Office
This 3 storey building locates the library and admin office. Administration office is located on the ground floor while the library on the first and second floor.
College's Cybercafe
There are 20 PCs provided. Here students can surf the Internet and play multi-player LAN games.
Students can have their daily prayer here. There's a yassin reading in every thursday night.
There are 2 blocks, each for male and female students. Each can accommodate about 240 students.
Sports arena
There are 4 tennis courts, a basketball court, a 'sepak takraw' court, and a football field.
Providing students with printed materials they need as reference, commonly to complete their assignment.