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This page is dedicated especially to admire the College's achievements and victory.
Students' activities and latest College's news also can be accessed from this page. Select any one of the links below.


Co-curiculum Activities

Flash News

Students Executive Council Election

The election has been done in last September. The successful candidates have been appointed to join the Council and becoming the representative for the students. Mohd. Ramzi has been appointed as the President of the Council.

Sukan Kolej Profesional Mara (SUKOPMA) Carnival

This sport carnival was held in Kolej Profesional Mara Melaka in September 2004. Since KPMSI is a very young KPM at that time, we only managed to get the last place standing in the event. KPM Seri Iskandar will be the next host of this event that will be held in August/September 2005.

New Students' Orientation Week

Students Orientation Week is held every semester to help the newcomers to adapt themself to the college environment. There's also side programme such as blood donating drive.

Blood Donating Drive

Blood donating drive was planned to be held in conjunction with the Orientation Week. However, on certain circumstances it was delayed and finally held in August 2004. About 40 students donated their blood. This drive was organized by Manjung Hospital.

Celebrating the Appointed Student Executive Council Members

Held at Teluk Batik Beach Resort, the SEC members have their good time there. They were celebrated by the College administration with a dinner there as the sign of college recognition towards them.

Co-Curiculum Activities

Semester 1 and semester 2 FHND students are compulsory to join any one of the available uniform units. Co-curiculum activities are done on the second and fourth Saturday of the month, starting at 8.00am till 11.00am.

Uniform Units Target Unit
Civil Defense Department
(Jabatan Pertahanan Awam)
Foundation Students
Firefighter Cadet
(Kadet Bomba Dan Penyelamat)
Red Crescent Society
(Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah)
Auxiliary Force
(Askar Wataniah)

Clubs & Association

Three clubs were established for co-curiculum activities, namely

Uniform Units Target Group
Civil Defense Department
(Jabatan Pertahanan Awam)
HND 1 students
Adventure Club
(Kelab Kembara)
Sports Club
(Kelab Sukan)

Clubs/Association that will be added in the future:

Clubs/Associations Target Group
Entrepreneur Club
(Kelab Usahawan)
HND 2 students
Community Services
(Khidmat Masyarakat)
HND 3 students